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Business Strategy Series

This exclusive five-part series, led by Mackey Smith, will help you develop a framework to build and define your organizational strategy. Earn one hour of CPE during each session. Free to UACPA members.

Most professionals enjoy the idea of discussing and setting strategy, when asked to describe or define strategy, we tend to deviate into a discussion of adjacent topics such as goals, tactical decisions, or guiding principles. In this series, we will discuss the subtle differences between strategy and tactics. Learn to develop the right kind of success metrics and incentives to tie back to strategic implementation. Lastly, learn how to apply the principles of business strategy to your personal life and how to identify and shape your own personal strategy. 

May 18

What is Strategy?

June 15

How Do I Set a Strategy for My Organization?

Aug. 24

Facilitated Breakout Discussions to Refine Strategic Ideas.

Sept. 21

How do I identify the Correct Success Metrics That Can Track the Implementation of My Strategy?

Oct. 19

How Do I Set a Strategy for My Own Personal Life?