CPE Approval

The UACPA acts as the CPE Registry for Utah through an agreement with the Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL). The UACPA staff, with input from the CPE Approval Committee collects and reviews applications to ensure that courses meet the requirements for Continuing Professional Education as outlined in the Utah State Accountancy Act and rules.

Although obtaining CPE course approval is not mandatory, it is a highly recommended option which gives you a clear advantage. As DOPL’s CPE Advisory Committee reviews the CPE compliance reports from licensed CPAs, those courses with approval numbers are recognized as complying with the CPE rules. It does not guarantee that you will not be audited, but it does give you peace of mind knowing that the courses you have reported are satisfactory under the CPE rules. CPE Approval Applications are reviewed and returned within seven business days of submission. 

* Payment must be received before forms will be approved *

CPE Approval Forms

Chapter & Committee

For Chapter and Committee Leadership use only, for periodic chapter and committee events lasting one hour or more.

In-Firm Approval

For an education event provided by your company or firm, for your employees only. Cost is $50 for members; $75 for nonmembers.

Vendor Approval

For third-party providers (vendors) of group study, conferences, online and self-study courses. Cost is $100.

Instructors or discussion leaders who present a learning activity for the FIRST TIME should receive CPE credit for both their preparation and presentation time to the extent the activities MAINTAIN OR IMPROVE their professional competence and meet the requirement of the Utah CPE standards. NOTE – The maximum credit for instructors, discussion leaders, or speakers, cannot exceed 50 percent of the CPE requirement. Cost is $50 for members; $75 for nonmembers.

Individual Approval

For individual CPAs that have participated in or wish to participate in an educational event that has not been approved for CPE, for which they would like to receive CPE credit. Cost is $50 for members; $75 for nonmembers.


CPE Certificate

Sponsors of Continuing Professional Education courses are required to provide participants with a certificate of completion with the appropriate information documenting their participation. Certificates of completion must include, but are not limited to the information on the sample form.

Evaluation Form

Sponsors of Continuing Professional Education courses are required to provide participants with the opportunity to evaluate the course, asking specific questions related to material, instructor, facility, and audio/visual quality. Evaluation questions, must include, but are not limited to those on the sample evaluation form.