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The UACPA Executive Board with help from the Awards Task Force recognizes members of the Association who have participated in Association or community activities, made significant contributions and have achieved worthy objectives deserving of outstanding recognition. Award recipients are honored at the UACPA Annual Awards Banquet.

We want to hear from you on who deserves to be recognized this year. 
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Distinguished Service

The Distinguished Service Award is given in recognition of a member's superior professional competence, leadership, meaningful service, and broad based recognition for their service or contribution.

2023  Cleon P. Butterfield
2022  Brent R. Hall
2021  Wade K. Watkins
2020  Weslee Ann Klein
2019   Sen. Curtis Bramble
2018    Marty D. Van Wagoner
2017    K. Tim Larsen
2016    Clark A. Wilkinson
2016    MacRay A. Curtis
2015    Kent L. Thomas
2014    Ray O. Westergard
2013    Auston G. Johnson
2012   Gordon L. Haycock
2011   Mark W. Stevens

2010   Paul K. Mendenhall
2009   Robert K. Bowen
2008   Jeannie Patton
2007   Troy KJ. Lewis
2006   Mary Kay Griffin
2005   Tom L. Allen
2004    Kim H. Peterson
2003    Gail Anger
2002    Paul G. Child
2001    Michael D. Blackburn
2000    Dennis Spackman
1999    Larzette G. Hale
1998    F. Wayne Elggren
1997    Joe Pacheco

1994    M. Keith Prescott
1993    Lynn DeBry
1992    Charles E. Johnson
1991    Charles M. Griffin
1990    K. Fred Skousen
1989    Orson D. Osborne
1987    Nolan E. Karras
1986    Fred M. Oliver
1985    Lorin I. Burr
1978    Frank H. Gardner
1964    Charles I. Fox
1960    Lincoln G. Kelly 

Outstanding CPA in Business & Industry

The Outstanding CPA in Business & Industry Award is given in recognition of a member's superior professional competence, leadership, meaningful service, and broad based recognition for their service or contribution to Business and Industry.

2023  Rob Shaw
2022  Dan Frei
2021    William M. Lodder
2020    Daniel K. Greer
2019    Corey Crittenden
2018     Raymond Langhaim
2017     Mark Palmer
2016     Stacy K. Weight
2015     Sarah Dansie      
2014     Jon E. Daich

2013     Carey D. Woolsey
2012     Ronald Frandsen
2011     Daniel E. Griffiths
2010     Kent L. Thomas
2009     Kim J. Coleman
2008     Robert K. Burr
2007     MacRay A. Curtis
2006     Nolan E. Karras

2005     Lane A. Summerhays
2004     W. Steve Albrecht
2003     Lynne N. Ward
2002     Auston G. Johnson
2001     Kenneth R. Cutler
2000     Edward T. Alter
1999     W. Val Oveson

Outstanding CPA in Nonprofit & Government

The Outstanding CPA in Nonprofit and Government Award is given in recognition of a member's superior professional competence, leadership, meaningful service, and broad based recognition for their service or contribution to Business and Management.

2023  Van Christensen
2022  Gavin Hutchinson

2021  Deborah Davis
2020   Christine B. Arthur

2019    Scott Czaja
2018    Hollie S. Andrus

Outstanding CPA in Public Practice

The Outstanding CPA in Public Practice Award is given in recognition of a member that has made a significant contribution to the leadership of the profession through superior professional competence and positive change.

2023  M.K. Mortensen
2022    Travis Nielsen
2021     Kenneth Jeppesen
2020     Boyce W. Coombs
2019     Paul Skeen
2018     Ray B. Bartholomew
2017    Sandy Banks
2016     Wade K. Watkins

2015     Rodney F. Savage
2014     Jay C. Niederhauser
2013     Dean R. Burdick
2012     Tim Larsen
2011     Ray S. Ellison
2010     Bryan C. Bolander
2009    Clark A. Wilkinson
2008    M. Keith Prescott
2007    Kevin L. Simister

2006    Scott W. Pickett
2005    Bryce E. Olson
2004    Mary Kay Griffin
2003    S. Craig Omer
2002    Roger O. Richins
2001    Robert K. Bowen
2000    Gail Anger
1999    Mark W. Stevens

Outstanding Leadership Council Member

The Outstanding Leadership Council Member is given in recognition of service to the Association which resulted in considerable benefit to the UACPA and its members.

2023  Dennis Spackman
Leadership Council

2022    Richard William Mahoney  
Uintah Basin Chapter President

2021    Bryan Bolander
Past President

2020    Dustin Wood
Cache Valley Chapter President

2019     Clinton Armstrong
Downtown Chapter President


2018     Robert Michael Anderson
BAM Conference and the 
Centennial Committee

Benjamin Young
Downtown Chapter President
ProNet Council

2016      Megan D. Bronson
ProNet Council

2015      Jerry L. Selbo
Downtown Chapter President

2014     Gavin E. Hutchinson
Northern Chapter President


2013     Patsy Halladay
Financial Literacy

2012    Mark V. Anderson
BAM Council
2011    Jay C. Niderhauser
Mountain Chapter President

2009    Daniel E. Griffiths
ProNet Council Chair

2008    Roger Beynon
Downtown Chapter President

2007     Thomas Auger
ProNet Council Chair

Outstanding Educator

The Outstanding Educator Award is given to a full-time college accounting educator in recognition for superior performance and demonstrated high ideals, resulting from active involvement in the accounting profession.

2023    Paul Campbell
2022    Troy Lewis
2021    Joshua Cieslewicz
2020    Michael D. Blackburn
2019    Jim Stice
2018    Loisanne Kattelman
2017    Marci Butterfield
2016    T. Jeffrey Wilks
2015    Ryan H. Pace
2014    Stanley E. Jenne
2013    Dr. Robert L. Gardner

2012    Jeffrey N. Barnes
2011    Rosemary R. Fullerton
2010    Sheldon R. Smith
2009    Jerry Van Os
2008     Kevin D. Stocks
2007     Gerald D. Searfoss
2006     Dr. Boyd C. Randall
2005     Robert D. Allen
2004     Alan R. Rogers
2003     Clifford R. Skousen
2002     Dave N. Stewart
2001     Martha M. Eining

2000     Larry A. Deppe
1999     David H. Luthy
1998     James W. Brackner
1997     W. Steve Albrecht
1996     Lynette M. Yerbury
1994     G. Fred Streuling
1993     Owen Cherrington
1992     Ronald M. Mano
1991     Gary N. Giles
1990     Larzette Hale
1989     A. Tom Nelson
1988     Jay M. Smith, Jr.
1987     Kenneth J. Hanni
1986     K. Fred Skousen

Rising Star

Awarded to honor individuals that exemplify excellence and dedication to the UACPA and the CPA profession.

2023   Dustin Jensen
2022    R. Mark Ashby Jr.
2021    Rustin R. Hansen
2020    Devron C. Johnson
2019     Eric Greene


2018     Steve W. Hurd
2017     David Peaden
2016     Jason Tomlinson
2015     Matthew Klein
2014     Shayne Miller         
2013     Annette Andersen

2012     Jill Aoki
2012     Erik Edwards
2011     Jennifer Amos
2010     Kandice Lambert
2009    William M. Thomson
2009    Aubrey Van Pelt

Lifetime Members

Awarded to retired members who are 55 or older.

2023   Robert Foley
2023   Gary Christensen

2022    Stephen Johnson

2021    Weslee Anne Klein
2021    Mary Kay Griffin
2021    Lee P. Esplin
2021     Brian Sheets

2020   Chesley H. Erickson
2020    Lynn A. Gilbert

2019    Ron Mano
2019    Paul Simkins

2018     Joseph Perry Leverich
2018     Alice S. Tsai

2016     Larry Deppe

2014     Keith Prescott
2014     David E. Bunker
2014     Ralph B. Larsen
2014     Jeffrey L. Shaw


2013     Paul H. Kasteler
2013     Auston G. Johnson
2013     Wendy S. Martin
2013     D. Gerald Searfoss

2012    Tom L. Allen
2012    Edward T. Alter
2012    Robert K. Burr
2012    Gaylan S. Gallacher
2012    Lane A. Summerhays

2011    Richard L. Jenson
2011    S. Craig Omer
2011    Edward J. Passey
2011    Roger O. Richins
2011    James W. Woolley

2010     Sidney Gilbert
2010     Charles Johnson

2009     Randy J. Harris
2009     Ted Stagg
2009     Evan R. Terry

2008     Paul G. Child
2008     K. Fred Skousen
2008     Jeannie Patton (Honorary)

2007     Bryce E. Olson
2007     Milton H. Thackeray
2007     Ray O. Westergard

2006     Lynn F. DeBry
2006     Donald L. Egbert
2006     Roger B. Pinnock
2006     Nicholas E. Rhodes

2004     Gary N. Giles

2003     Larry R. Hendricks
2003     W. Brent Maxfield
2003     Joe Pacheco

2002     Lynn M. Bushman
2002     Oral J. Johnson
2002     Duane C. Karren

2001     Barry A. Erickson
2001     Charles H. Foote
2001     Kenneth J. Hanni
2001     Jeanette D. Watkins

2000     Dean Kimber
2000     Orvil K. Terry
2000     Stephen T. White

Women to Watch: Experienced Leader

Awarded to honor a professional who has advanced to a higher level or leadership position - including partners, owners, executives and elected officials. Nominees must be AICPA members to be considered.

2023   Lisa Bell
2022   Lynn Livingood Dixon
2021    Angela Morris
2021    Amy Anholt
2020    Mary B. Pearson
2019    Janis Kline
2019    Jayna Forsgren

2018    Jill Briggs
2018     Jonyce J. Bullock
2017    Lisa Heise
2016    Tamra L. Dayley
2015    Christine B. Arthur
2014    Nikki Thon 

2013     Laura Wagner
2012     Mary Kay Griffin
2011     Wendy S. Martin
2010     Susan A. Speirs

Women to Watch: Emerging Leader

Awarded to honor a professional who has made significant contributions to the profession and her community, but who has not yet reached the highest levels of advancement.

2023  Valerie Bushell
2022    Nicole Jensen
2022    Melanie Spencer
2021    McKelle Holyoak
2021    Jamie Young
2020     Amanda 

2020     Kandice Lambert
2019     Ariane Gibson
2019     Tara Williams
2018     Lauren Gowen
2018     Michelle L. Anderson
2017     Aubrey Bickmore          Neely
2016     Kathryn Fargam

2016     Monica  Gardner
2015     Shalaun T. Howell.
2014     Caroline Klein
2013     Jodie B. Hewitson
2012     Leann M. Hatfield
2011     Jonyce J. Bullock
2010     Lori H. Reay

Jeannie Patton Lifetime Service

The Jeannie Patton Lifetime Service Award was established in 2011 by the UACPA Executive Board to recognize the valuable contributions CPAs are making in our communities. Inspired by Jeannie Patton's decades of service to the CPA profession and her community, the Board created the award as a way to thank and honor CPAs who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

2021     Val Oveson
2020     Lynne N. Ward
2019     Jody Stamback
2018     Larry A. Deppe

2016     Sherman H. Smith
2013     Bryce E. Olson

2012     Gail Anger
2011     Rodney G. Marrell