The UACPA represents the profession at the legislature and other regulatory bodies and promotes the value of the CPA to employers, the business community, and the public at large.


The UACPA maintains a healthy and proactive relationship with Utah's state legislative representatives and national delegation of congressmen and senators. On any given day, we are reaching out to both of these groups to promote sound policy as it relates to the profession and business community as a whole.

State Legislative Resources
Utah State Government
Utah Legislative Directory


The CPA Profession is one of the most highly regulated professions in the world. Along with state licensure, CPAs are required to adhere to standards set by other regulatory and standard setting bodies.

Regulatory Agencies

Utah State Board of Accountancy
Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)
Government Accountability Office (GAO)


The Utah CPA PAC is a political action committee focused on political matters that impact the business community and the CPA profession. The Board of Directors is charged with determining what issues and matters rise to significance for the business community and the profession in order to support candidates for state office that can have a positive impact on those issues.

CPAs in Utah have been fortunate to have many elected officials in the Utah State Legislature support business and the CPA profession. Members of the UCPA-PAC strive to maintain a good working relationship with our legislators. The PAC enables UACPA members to add their contribution to those of other members and maximize our influence in the political arena.

Contributions are given in a bi-partisan manner, with emphasis on legislators who have been supportive of issues critical to both business and the CPA profession. The PAC is an effective way for individual members to participate in the political process and assure that legislative issues which affect our profession have a better chance of being resolved favorably. If you would like to be involved, please contact any member of the the UCPA-PAC Board of Directors.

Political Action Committee Members for Utah CPAs

Mark Nichols - Chair
Shane Wood
Russ Baird
Paula Bradford
Todd Gordon
Eric Denning
Mike McCauley
Clark Wilkinson
Brent Hall