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In 2020, the UACPA turned 100 years old! This timeline will give you a glance at what the past 100 years have been like for CPAs in Utah.


Charter members met July 8 at the Commercial Club in Salt Lake City for the purpose of forming a state association of certified accountants. They included:  R. G. Abbey, President; Lincoln G. Kelly, Vice President; B. F. Reeves, Secretary/Treasurer; Percy Goddard. Additional members included W. A. Beesley, D. A. Swan, R. G. Worsley, F. S. Forman, RJ. Deighton, H. L. James, Seymour Wells, Ashby Thatcher, Parley Peterson, and W.J. Bateman.

Article 2 of the first by-laws states: "The objects of the association shall be to raise the standard of public accountancy as a profession, to advance and safeguard the interests of the members of the association, and to promote harmony and cordiality among them."


Claire Haines, first woman CPA in Utah and first female member admitted to the UACPA, issued certificate number 24.

Christian Mathias Christensen, first candidate to take the American Institutes exam in Utah, passed with the highest grade in the nation.


The first UACPA Publicity Committee prepared a pamphlet promoting the CPA profession 


The UACPA hosts the first regional convention of CPAs held in the U.S. and pioneers the organization of the Mountain States Conference under the direction of UACPA president C.I. Fox.


44 of 48 states were giving the Institute's CPA Examination twice yearly.

UACPA Ladies Auxiliary formed with the following committee appointed: Mrs. Lance P. Bowen, Chairman; Mrs. C. I. Fox, Mrs. Willard Smith, and Mrs. Paul Tanner.


Ogden Chapter organized as a round table group.

UACPA hosts Mountain States Conference of CPAs for third time with Governor Bracken Lee welcoming 400 delegates from seven states at the Hotel Utah; Charles Griffin was chairman. (right)


Dues increased from  $10 to $12 per person.

Lewis H. Lloyd, director of research for the Utah Legislative Council, commended for his contribution in formulating a system of integrating state teacher retirement with federal social security to increase retirement benefits at a reduced cost to the state.


UACPA Constitution amended to provide for a president, vice president,  secretary/ treasurer, and executive secretary with three advisory council members serving rotating terms.

Career film available for presentations to high school students.

Wilma F. Otterbein, Utah's second female CPA, passes the exam.



Dr. William Z. Terry (left) recognized by Ogden Chapter as oldest living Utah CPA at 83; received certificate number 59 in 1929.

Utah County Chapter launched in Provo with Harold D. Robbins, local manager for Bunker, Tanner, and Garrell, as president.


Bylaws amended to provide for a president-elect and three regional vice presidents.


Special $3 assessment to the membership for engraving CPA directory, first permanent photograph directory published in looseleaf form; under direction of August Glissmeyer, Jr.

The Utah CPA Newsletter introduced as a more frequent communication vehicle, since the regular newsletter was only published a few times per year.

Three ladies auxiliaries were organized in Central, Northern, and Southern Chapters. Mrs. Bertell Bunker was elected president of the Central Chapter Auxiliary.


Special dinner held in honor of Percy Goddard's 50 years of service to the profession.


Banquet honoring Lincoln G. Kelly for his contributions to the business community and UACPA "Achievement Award" presented by President-elect Gordon Miller.

Public relations activities included members on KSL "Public Pulse," PSAs on radio stations, tax programs on KUED, and speakers bureau.



On January 11, a charter was granted by the American Society of Women Accountants forming the Utah Chapter. The ASWA offers membership to women actively engaged in the accounting profession to advance interest in all accounting fields.

New dues schedule: $10 nonresident; resident $16 with certificate less than 5 years; $20 with certificate 5–10 years; $25 with certificate over 10 years. $10 initiation fee.

Professional Conduct Committee determined window signs for CPAs should be solely for the purpose of enabling interested parties to locate their office and should be in good taste and modest in size.

Utah is one of 34 states making the honor roll  with 25% or more of its members participating in AICPA professional development courses.



Beta Alpha Psi organized at BYU with K. Fred Skousen as president.

Awards and Scholarship Committee begins the UACPA Educational Foundation and grants first awards at the annual meeting on Sept. 10 and 11.                  

New Public Accountancy Act increases education requirement to a baccalaureate degree with a major in accounting or equivalent. Experience requirement becomes two years with a CPA firm or one year if applicant holds a master’s degree in accounting or business administration.

with 25% or more of its members participating in AICPA professional development courses.



Officers are elected at the business meeting during the annual meeting at the Salt Palace.


New dues: $10 retired members, $26 educators and government employees; $26 with certificate 5 years or less, $31 with certificate 6–10 years, $36 with certificate more than 10 years.

Professional Practice Committee organized to offer technical assistance to UACPA members in private practice.

Fred Wunderli, UACPA president, reported the accounting profession had passed another milestone when Arthur Andersen & Co. published a financial report for the first time and suggested this voluntary disclosure would set a new trend.


Francie Whitehead named full-time executive director of the association.



UACPA opens its first office at 201 Judge Building with office furniture donated by Touche Ross. 

Joint ethics enforcement program between the AlCPA and state societies implemented; Regional Trial Board members included Frank Gardner, Chairman, with Warren Anderson, Jack Cushman, August Glissmeyer Jr., and  Fred T. Wunderli as members.


Executive Committee approved a Political Action Committee (PAC) to obtain contributions from Utah CPAs to assist legislative campaigns


Speakers Bureau started by the UACPA Committee on Cooperation with other professional groups.


Billboards advertising CPAs dis­played in Salt Lake, Ogden, and Provo with signs on Utah Transit buses to increase public awareness of CPAs as  tax advisers.

Dues increased $15 to be used for public relations programs.

Annual Meeting held in St. George.

Francie Whitehead retires and Barbara Gardner takes over as the executive director.


New technical standards defining compilation and review go into effect to help CPAs meet the special accounting and financial reporting needs of smaller, private businesses.

UACPA designated exclusive distributor of AICPA in-house CPE materials in Utah.

On June 27 – 29, the Annual Meeting was held at Hotel Utah with two days of meetings and a recreation day that includes golf, tennis and a banquet that evening. 


UACPA office moved to 660 South 200 East.

The Annual Meeting was held in Hawaii, June 21 – July 1.


Jeannie Patton is hired as executive director and Donna Salter as CPE coordinator.

Public Accountants Licensing Act passed with new CPE requirement for licensure; education requirement increased to bachelor's degree with a major in accounting as of 1983 and a bachelor's degree plus 30 additional semester hours as of 1986.

Color Country Chapter organized with Rick Adams as president.


20% CPE season discount program introduced.

First Leadership and Committee Day held.

Ladies Auxiliary disbanded.

Uintah Basin Chapter formed with Robert Foley as president.


UACPA office moved to 669 South 200 East

First orientation breakfast held for new CPAs who passed the exam sponsored by the Young CPAs Committee.

Future Issues Conference organized by Long Range Planning Committee.

Board supports the additional 30 hours education requirement.



First group health insurance program adopted for UACPA members through New York Life Insurance Company.

UACPA publishes first CPE catalog in lieu of listing courses in the Western States  CPE catalog.



All living UACPA past presidents honored at the Annual Meeting.

First single slate election held with Robert V. Stevens elected president.

UACPA sponsors a 10K (1040K) and 1-mile (1040EZ) race at Sugarhouse Park; pre-race party helped taxpayers file extensions and answer questions in Sheraton Hotel lobby with extensions run to the Post Office by CPAs dressed in shirts, ties, running shorts and shoes; proceeds donated to Camp Kostopolous.


First major PR campaign, "Ask a CPA and Be Sure," created by Zabriskie & Associates, promotes the UACPA and profession with ads and radio spots.  

CPE reporting period changed to a calendar year for 1986–88 license renewal period.

Membership Committee develops new brochure;  the Task Force on Professional Liability holds CPA Liability Exposure Conference.

CPA Poll published in newsletter to obtain members' perspectives on issues affecting our state and nation with results released to news media for publicity.



UACPA Tax Tracks 5K Run in City Creek Canyon celebrates AICPA centennial with tax season blood pressure checks at ZCMI Center and a birthday party at Hotel Utah.

UACPA Educational Foundation awards five special centennial scholarships of $1,500 each.


Governor Bangerter declares August 16–22 as CPA Week during the AICPA's 100-year Celebration.

Board approves credit cards for CPE registrations and annual dues payments.

Members vote on AICPA Plan to Restructure which passed with 1,326 Utah CPAs voting. Revised Code of Ethics, required CPE for practicing and nonpracticing members, quality review, adopted 150-hour educational requirement and restructured the Trial Board.

First female elected UACPA president, Lynne S. Wilhelmsen.


AICPA Code of Ethics allows CPAs to take commissions or contingent fees from clients for whom they do not perform audit, review or compilation services and examinations of prospective financial statements.

Board grants life membership to retired members who meet criteria.


UACPA office moves to 455 E. 400 South.

UACPA Briefcase Brigade marches in the St. Patrick's Day Parade; entry tied for first place and received good publicity.

Davis County Chapter merges with Downtown Chapter.


Briefcase Brigade returns to the St. Patrick's Day Parade with 32 members wearing business suits, tennis shoes, green eyeshades and bow ties.

New CPA Licensing Act passed requires quality review for license renewal in 1991, CPE for certificate holders and licensees, and no new certificates issued after April.


Summer Update initiated and combined with Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon.

Utah Limited Liability Company Act passed by the legislature.

UACPA gets a toll-free number, 1-800-676-ASSN (2776).

Showcase Golf Tournament sponsored by Public Relations Committee; became a charity tournament in 1993 for Travelers Aid Society Shelter and St. Vincent dePaul Center.


UACPA holds a tax call-in line with KUTV.

First Educators Conference held at University of Utah chaired by Dr. Larzette Hale.

UACPA bylaws amended to create organizational structure focusing on functional areas of operation.

Established family leave and education leave categories for membership.

Established candidate for admission status for individuals who have passed the CPA Exam and are working toward completion of the experience requirement.


Annual Meeting and Awards luncheon is held June 18.

The second annual Educators Conference features Governor Mike Leavitt.

The UACPA reaches 2,000 members.

The Utah State Tax Commission seeks feedback from UACPA members regarding their Utah State income tax booklets.


UACPA begins administration of Quality Review Program for members not enrolled in the AICPA program.


First UACPA website is launched.

Public Issues Task Force is formed.

UACPA Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon is on June 16 at the Salt Lake Hilton with Jon Huntsman Jr. as the speaker addressing business in the next 75 years.

The UACPA creates a speakers bureau and invites members who enjoy public speaking to be a part of it.



UACPA produces 75th anniversary video and celebrates its anniversary at the Homestead Resort with a golf tournament, live music, dancing and a casino night; Governor Leavitt proclaims July 9–15  as CPA Week.

Barry Melancon becomes AICPA President (l-r) Barry Melancon, Ron Cohen, Craig Omer, Robert Medwisk.



The National Vision Project outlined challenges facing the profession.

Chapter formed for Park City and Summit County by Mark Howell.

Board reorganized the UACPA educational services. Revised structure put the board education director to oversee the Educational Services Committee (formerly CPE Council) and a new Conference Oversight Committee to plan UACPA committee-sponsored conferences.

The UACPA staff get email.

UACPA revamped member and accounting database to have a more simplified system. “Over the next three to five years, we expect to convert many of our printed materials to an electronic format.”


The Utah CPA Education Foundation was revamped to help encourage students to enter the accounting profession.  

The UACPA Cruise Task Force planned a 7-day Alaskan Cruise June 20 – 27.

The UACPA moves to 220 E. Morris Ave. in South Salt Lake

UACPA Y2K Task Force is formed and Y2K toolkit and hands-on workshops are available.

Ken Cutler becomes the strategic planning director and also becomes the Chair of the Trustees for the Utah CPA Education Foundation.


Barry Melancon visits Utah for the Summer Update.

The UACPA Career and Family Issues Committee was formed to serve the other members of the UACPA. The goal is evidenced by our mission statement: enhancing UACPA members’ quality of life through career and family balance. Monthly topic, elder care.


MBA program launches with Utah State University.

Adoption of the Utah Accountancy Practice Act (“Act”) on the last day of the 2000 legislative session. This bill amended non-CPA ownership.

The Utah CPA Education Foundation raises $40,000.  

Online membership directory and CPA referral service launches.

Emerging CPA Committee was formed to meet the needs of those entering the profession.

The UACPA introduced “Book of the Month” Club. The first book session was Nov. 21 where members brought a brown bag lunch and discussed “True Professionalism” by David H. Maister.


Bylaw Revision Ballot was sent to members outlining the challenges facing the profession.

Leadership Council was formed, consisting of the executive board, chapter presidents, committee group coaches, committee chairs, Immediate past president and most UACPA committees and task forces.

Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) Task Force was created following the legislature’s mistaken repeal of Utah Code SS78-51-25 prohibiting the unauthorized practice of law.  

The Practice Advisory Council was created to support and address the needs of CPAs in public practice.



The Enron scandal leads to perceived failure of the accounting profession.

The K-12 Committee is created to focus on educating youth about a career as a CPA. The University Relations Committee formed to work with faculty at the universities.

New initiatives include the CPAs in Business & Management (BAM) Conference and the Blue Ribbon Task Force led by Charlie Johnson and 60 members discussing the CPA profession’s future. The Special Member Task Force (SMTF) was formed and headed by Troy Lewis.

Winter Conference speakers were Tom Hood, Kelly Matthews and Carole Mikita, co-anchor of “Eyewitness News" at 6:30 and part of the Channel 5 news team.


"Stand Up and Do the Right Thing" was distributed to members following the 2002 Member Summit.

The “Can We Talk” series brought together different segments of membership — sole practitioners, national/local firms, business and management, government, education – to better understand needs and to let them know what types of issues and services the association is addressing.


UACPA Leadership Council spends a day on the hill on July 14 with Governor Olene Walker ahead of her unveiling of her tax plan on Aug. 18. 

The Uniform CPA Examination moves to being computerized and its testing process changed to reflect the current skill sets required to be successful in the business community and protect the public interest.

A computer-based CPA Exam is launched on April 5.  

UACPA past presidents reunite to connect and discuss the PCAOB.

The K-12 Committee is highly active with high schools, colleges and emerging CPAs.

Sole to Sole Committee is created to have round table discussions to support sole practitioners.



The Financial Literacy Task Force is formed.

New website unveiled on March 31.

CPA Ambassador Program is led by the AICPA to help 15 select members in speaking and message training as they venture into the community. 


Emerging CPAs Committee  becomes ProNet Council.  

Financial Literacy Committee launches Financial Wellne$$ Wednesday Series.

Campus ambassador program is launched to provide students a resource for questions about the profession and to promote the profession and the UACPA through outreach to university students.

UACPA joins in the national Feed the Pig PSA campaign featuring Benjamin Banks as the mascot.


Benjamin Banks throws the first pitch at the Salt Lake Bees game in August at the 
UACPA night at the ballpark.

Progress is made on CPA mobility in Utah. 


First CPA inauguration held to welcome new exam passers and newly licensed CPAs into the profession. 

New logo and website is launched on January 1. UACPA podcasts are also launched with national tax experts Lynn Nichols, CPA and Michael Mares, CPA/ABV, J.D. doing weekly federal tax updates.

Jeannie Patton leaves the UACPA in the summer of 2008.

Michelle McGaughey becomes the new UACPA CEO.  

Utah becomes the third state to pass CPA mobility.

Susan Speirs and Susan Lister provide training to members to lead 6-week financial literacy programs through the Veteran’s Administration, Salvation Army and other community organizations.



Utah CPA Education Foundation celebrates 10 years with contributions supporting the funding of the Financial Literacy Task Force and the activities of the ProNet Council.  

The Annual Meeting returns — the last meeting was in 1990 — and held at the Grand America.

UACPA membership survey guides the Strategic Planning Task Force in redefining the UACPA mission and core values to define a vision, engage stakeholders, analyze and debate current and future strategies, tactics, initiatives and programs. Additionally, it provides guidance to councils, committees and chapters to agree upon a clear and meaningful governance structure that adds value to the UACPA and measuring success. 


Utah CPA Foundation breakfast kicks off a major fundraising campaign with new initiatives.


Four- and six-week courses — “The Money Game Rules & Strategies for Winning” — were put on by the Financial Literacy Task Force.

The first Leadership Academy is held in September in Deer Valley and led by Tom Hood.

CPE Strategic Planning Task Force was formed to stay ahead of changing CPE needs and formats.

UACPA participates in the second annual young professionals networking event with Young Lawyers Division and the Young Finance Professionals at Zions Bank Building in November.  



Leadership Academy and University of Utah accounting students assembled 20 bicycles for Guadalupe Schools.

UACPA Week was held Aug. 21 – 24 with a golf tournament, Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon and Inauguration.

The UACPA endorses Auston Johnson, CPA for Utah State Auditor.


Financial Ready Utah is established as part of the UACPA and is kicked off with a Financial Ready Utah Spring Seminar and bill signing with Governor Gary Herbert.

UACPA Week is Aug. 20 – 23 with an open house at the new office in the Redman Building on Aug. 20, a golf tournament at Soldier Hollow in Midway on Aug. 21 and a Member Summit and Awards Banquet on Aug. 23.

Summit on Women in the CPA Profession in Utah held on May 30 at Pierpont Place.

Susan Speirs becomes the CEO of the UACPA.



Tax treat program begins with tax season care kits delivered to firms.

100% Membership Program is launched.

Immediate past president Kent Thomas leads the Ethics Committee to address issues from DOPL via our State Board of Accountancy.


Launched BAM Forum with tours to businesses with a speaker and lunch.  

Lobbyists Craig and Ryan Peterson (later joined by David Peterson) begin quarterly legislative updates for members.

New UACPA website and membership management program are launched.

UACPA offices move to the Kearns Building at 136 S. Main Street.





The UACPA partners with KSL for the Tax Tips Series —  ten weeks of tips to promote the value of a CPA.

Operations procedures for the strategic plan is unveiled.

Discussed joint venture w/ AICPA and CIMA at Leadership Council.

Cedar Breaks Chapter is formed.

UACPA participates in a combined meet & mingle with members of the Utah Nonprofit Association.



Partnered with Money Making Sense Podcast on KSL.

Utah Laws & Rules and ethics became a required for CPE reporting.

Utah CPAs Val Oveson and Troy Lewis served on AICPA tax professionals group working to improve IRS service quality.

CPA Day on the Hill features a tour of the capitol and presentation from state auditor John Dougall.


AWSCPA closes on Oct. 31, 2017. UACPA develops a new initiative, the Women’s Development and Advancement Council (DAC).

DOPL creates mandatory online CPE reporting system.

CPE reporting period is extended to Dec. 31, 2018 to align licensure renewal and reporting to take place at the same time. Now license expiration shifts to December 31 of even years. 

Leadership Academy 2.0 is held for past attendees.


New UACPA logo is unveiled at the annual awards and inauguration banquet

The Lecture Series was launched and features CPE for a mix of live and online audience.

Held and attended discussions regarding tax reform throughout the state.