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Through our partnership with the Money Making Sense podcast, UACPA members and various guests take the spotlight monthly to empower audiences with financial literacy while creating an engaging space for discussion on relevant topics. Host Heather Kelly guides listeners through practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Hear more from members in the podcasts below:

2023 Podcasts

▶️ Utah Fiscally Runs Its State Government the Way People Should with Stuart Adams from the Utah State Senate.

▶️ Don't Get Cheated Out of Your Tax Refund with Chett Campbell, Senior Manager at Eide Bailly

▶️ Money Saving Tips and Unclaimed Cash with Marlo Oaks, Utah State Treasurer

▶️ Payday Loan Centers are Predators with McKenzie Walsh from NeighborWorks Salt Lake

 ▶️ Do You Plan Longer for Vacation Than for Your Retirement? with Jay Wells with Drive Wealth Advisers

▶️ How to Have a Fun, Frugal Vacation with UACPA CEO Susan Speirs, CPA

▶️ A Bolder Way Forward Will Help Families and Communities with Emily Darowski, Associate Director of Utah Women in Leadership Project

▶️ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of STEM with Tami Goetz, director of Utah STEM Action Center

▶️  Frequently Asked Questions Military Personnel Have About Their Taxes with Derek Nelson and Steve Carlow from the Utah State Tax Commission and Brandon Olsen, CPA and Patrick Munson, CPA from Adams & Peterson

▶️ Tips on Curbing Credit Card Spending with UACPA CEO Susan Speirs, CPA

▶️ Charitable Giving: What are the Tax Rules? with Wade Watkins, CPA, a Partner at Squire 

▶️ Financial Aid: Why Are Students Leaving $42 Million on the Table Every Year? with Geoffrey Thomas Landward, Interim Commissioner for Utah System of Higher Education