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As part of 3,000+ member strong organization, you can connect with other CPAs and financial professionals in Utah. We are here to help you succeed in a competitive and changing world. 

Does your employer pay your dues? If not, customize and share this sample letter with them (pdf version).

Membership Type

Select the one that most closely applies to you:

Fellow Member

Any person who is a licensed CPA working in the state of Utah.

Member - Non-Resident

Any person who is a licensed CPA working outside of the state of Utah.

Member - Retired

Any person who is a licensed CPA and is also over the age of 55 and working less than 20 hours/week.

Member - Non-CPA Professional Affiliate

Any person who is not a licensed CPA working in a CPA firm or working with CPAs in industry, government, and education. Other professionals not working with CPAs may also apply for this membership.

Member - Non-Resident Non-CPA Affiliate

Any person outside of Utah who is not a licensed CPA.

Trial Member

This membership is only for people who have purchased an ethics exam from our store (purchase the exam here: Purchase Ethics Exam). Once you buy the ethics exam, you will be emailed the instructions you need to sign up for a free year of membership as a Trial Member.

Student Member

If you are enrolled in a college or university with an interest in accounting or business, we hope you will take advantage of this free membership.

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