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Reporting Carry Forward Hours

October 18, 2023

Many have asked about reporting carry forward hours in the new reporting system. The following instructions will help you report those hours in your NASBA profile.

If you would like your carryover hours from 2021-2022 to be reflected in the new system, you will need to enter in excess of the required 80 hours for the system to calculate forward. You can do this by either entering in each course from 2021-2022, up to and in excess of the 80 required hours or you can create a generic entry labeled for carry forward hours and then in the notes list specific details of the carry hours.

We recognize that entering all previous courses can be time consuming and cumbersome and with that in mind, you are able to enter one generic entry for the previous years (only) with a grand total that includes earlier carry forward and the total obtained in that reporting period. You can then provide details in the notes tab and even upload supporting documentation right in the notes tab so it is accessible to yourself and the board. 

Please keep in mind that this "generic" entry is a one-time provision being allowed during the transition period. Additionally, if you hold a license in another state that also uses CPE Audit Service, this generic entry will not be calculated for the other state. 
Feel free reach out directly to for assistance.