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Successor Tax Accountant

Tax accountant who is ready and able to replace owner.

Date Posted

August 09, 2023




Park City / Snyderville, UT

Successor Tax Accountant

If you work for another CPA firm but have been thinking about starting and growing your own practice, this position is for you.

Our firm is the oldest CPA firm in Park City and the founder, who would stay on during a transition period, is interested in eventually fading away, but doesn’t want to sell the company to outsiders. So you would ultimately be applying for the top job.

We have a great team that serves individuals and small businesses with their accounting, payroll, and tax compliance needs. And as the population of Summit County grows, so do the opportunities for success.

We are lifestyle oriented and the work schedule is very flexible (outside of tax season).

Ideal candidate is one who has tired of working for other people on their schedules and by their rules and who wants to control his or her own destiny.

Here’s your chance to go out on your own without the hassles and uncertainties that starting your own practice would entail.

We are in the Summit Center behind Burt Brothers on Rasmussen Road, just east of Jeremy Ranch. If you live in Salt Lake, it’s just a drive up the canyon and over the summit. If you live in the Snyderville Basin, no more commuting for you.

What do you have to lose by checking out this opportunity? Let’s talk. Financial information available upon request.