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Treasurer for Board

The Sammy School, a preschool fostering children's social and emotional well-being is seeking a treasurer for their board.

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August 24, 2021

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Job Description:

The Sammy Center is founded on the belief that every single child is amazing, and should be given every opportunity to reach their God given potential. We believe that a child who has experienced grief, trauma or loss has unique needs that need to be met. Creating a foundation of social emotional wellbeing will pave the way for positive future outcomes in their lives to follow. Adverse situations permeate all socioeconomic backgrounds, therefore The Sammy Center is a place of equity and diversity which knows no boundaries. We are a strengths focused center and meet every child right where they are. We want to help guide every child in reaching their potential as a human. The Sammy Center wants to help build children up at a young age to help mitigate and/or help them move through hardships and trauma so they can be successful adolescents and then adults. Each classroom is small in numbers and consists of three highly skilled professionals; two teachers and one BT (Behavior Technician). Families and Children will also have access to an on-site mental health counselor and parenting classes. We at The Sammy Center believe in a holistic approach and that a home-to-school model is vital for best outcomes.

interested volunteers can contact Maria at or 801.631.2006