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Jordan River Commission Seeks Qualified Volunteer to Serve as Treasurer and Financial Officer 2-4 Hours Monthly

The Commission is comprised of local governments, state agencies, special districts and other community partners. This position is volunteer and we request 2-4 hours a month. Learn more about the Commission’s work at:

Date Posted

May 03, 2021

Job Type

Nonprofit Accounting

Job Description:

Volunteer Treasurer and Financial Officer

Jordan River Commission Background and Organization Structure: The Commission is a governmental entity authorized by the State of Utah and formed by an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement in August, 2010. The Commission is comprised of local governments, state agencies, special districts and other community partners. Its main purposes include coordinating the planning of initiatives and implementation of public and private projects, programs and partnerships to improve the Jordan River and its surrounding environment.

The work of the Commission is guided by the Blueprint Jordan River. Learn more about the Commission’s work at:

Treasurer Role & Responsibilities: The Treasurer is appointed by the Commission’s Governing Board, acts as its Financial Officer, and serves on its standing Executive Committee. The following roles and responsibilities are outlined in the Commission’s Bylaws.

Section 6.1 Officers: The Governing Board shall appoint a Treasurer, knowledgeable in finance and accounting procedures.

Section 6.7 Duties of Treasurer: The Treasurer will oversee the management of Commission finances by the Clerk, the preparation of regular statements of the conditions of the finances of the Commission at least quarterly, and at such other times as shall be required, the preparation of the annual budget proposal, the preparation of quarterly and annual State Auditor transparency reports, and do and perform all duties appertaining to the office of Treasurer.

Section 10.2 Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is provided for in Article 11.1 of the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement establishing the Jordan River Commission. The Executive Committee shall include the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Past Chair, the Treasurer, and up to five other members as determined by the Board and noted in the official minutes of the Commission.

General Duties and Expectations: The Treasurer provides an important function that includes offering sound advice about financial accounting and record keeping, ensuring ethical government transparency with regard to public funds, and reducing the risk of fraud or other illegal financial activity.

The Treasurer meets regularly, typically monthly, with the Executive Director who is the Financial Clerk and Administrative Officer, to review bank account reconciliation reports and conduct internal expense audits, review and audit payroll and reimbursement items, review and authorize deposits and investments, and review quarterly and annual State Auditor reports. The Treasurer also participates in, reviews and signs annual financial and procedural reports to the State Auditor, compiled by an independent accounting and auditing firm. These responsibilities typically take on average about one hour each month.

The Treasurer meets regularly as a member of the Executive Committee, currently every other month, for a meeting of about 60 to 90 minutes to help manage the overall affairs of the Commission, review financial matters with the Executive Committee, and help draft an annual budget proposal for the Governing Board. These responsibilities typically take on average less than two hours each month.

The Treasurer supervises and reviews quarterly Commission budget reports and periodic budget amendments, and meets quarterly with the Governing Board to present financial reports (these meeting report presentations are also routinely delegated to the Executive Director).

Overall, the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer will require a commitment of about 2-4 hours per month. This is a voluntary position, and no compensation is provided to the Treasurer. However, serving as the Treasurer does provide an opportunity for career development, helps advance important community development and natural resource goals, promotes government transparency and accountability, and provides outstanding opportunities for personal growth and development working alongside officials, executives and influencers among public agencies and private organizations.

Desired Qualifications: To fully address the Utah Fraud Risk Assessment guidelines, the primary qualification for the Treasurer is that they are a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or are certified with one of several other designations that may indicate similar knowledge, skills and abilities, such as Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP), or Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO).

If you are interested in serving the Commission in this capacity, please contact the Executive Director, Soren Simonsen, at or 801-706-1055.

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