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Tax Accountant seeks office sharing in Weber/Davis area

Tax accountant with $350k+ annual revenues looking for a new office sharing arrangement in Weber or North Davis County

Date Posted

May 25, 2021

Classified Description:

I am a tax accountant, currently a partner in a Weber County practice focused on taxation and advisory services. I intend to start my own practice in 2021 and am seeking an associate. I would also consider joining another practice in an association that allows for sharing of software, rent and administrative office costs in a way that maximizes net practice income for all parties. My personal tax and advisory client billings are in excess of $350k annually. I have an additional $40k in annual client accounting and payroll services available for a bookkeeper/payroll staff person to handle. I look forward to speaking with any practitioners who are interested in an arrangement that would allow you to either increase your current net income by sharing overhead or leave your current employment if you have clients, are ready to go out on your own and seek an opportunity with shared costs. Please text me at 801-458-6115.