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Committees & Task Forces


Committees & Tasks Forces play a vital role in assisting UACPA staff to conduct Association business. From conference planning to investing UACPA resources, our volunteers are an invaluable source of support. 

UACPA Members are encouraged to get involved and join at least one of the following committees. If you have any questions about volunteering, send an email to

To volunteer, CLICK HERE!

  • Accounting Issues/Conference Task Force
  • Business Valuation Conference Task Force
  • CPAs in Business & Management (BAM) Conference Task Force
  • CPE Approval
  • Editorial Committee
  • Federal Key Person
  • Financial Literacy Task Force
  • Financial Ready Utah
  • Golf Tournament Task Force
  • Non-Profit
  • Practice Advisory Council
  • Emerging Professionals Council
  • Emerging Professionals CPA Inauguration Planning Committee
  • Emerging Professionals Leadership Development
  • Emerging Professionals New Professionals
  • State & Local Government Task Force
  • St. George Tax Practitioners Conference
  • Tax Issues
  • Tax Symposium
  • Winter Conference Task Force


Task Force and Committee Descriptions

Accounting and Auditing (A & A) Conference Task Force

Volunteer members assist with the planning, execution and delivery of a quality conference program, and work closely with the task force and the UACPA to coordinate contracts, speakers and physical arrangements.


Estimated time commitment:

  • Five 1-hour conference calls
  • Optional: attend the conference (free)


Accounting Issues Task Force

Task force volunteers are responsible for responding to technical audit and accounting questions submitted by practitioners. Two volunteers are assigned each month for this purpose. The names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of these volunteers will be published in The Journal Entry each quarter.


In addition, volunteers will review and respond, where appropriate, to the proposed accounting and financial reporting issues raised by the AICPA, FASB, SEC, and other standard setting bodies, and work with the UACPA to ensure the membership is informed of changes.


Time commitment: Varies


Awards Task Force

The Awards Task Force is responsible to review the activities, both past and present, of individual members of the UACPA to determine what outstanding efforts are deserving of recognition.


Note: The committee is made up of the past three presidents, one life member and two members at large.


Time commitment: Varies


BAM (Business & Management) Conference Task Force

The BAM Conference Task Force is comprised of volunteer members from business and management. Volunteers plan, promote and deliver an effective, top quality, and well-balanced BAM Conference. In planning this important annual conference, the task force is responsible to ensure the conference topics appeal to CPAs in business and management.


Time commitment:

  • Five 1-hour conference calls
  • Optional: attend the conference (free)


Financial Literacy Task Force

The Financial Literacy Task Force works to effectively collaborate in the national efforts toward raising awareness of the life stage issues of financial literacy, which includes

  • Encouraging and supporting UACPA members in public practice to join in the efforts by holding client workshops and including information in client newsletters.
  • Encouraging and supporting UACPA members in business and management to join in the efforts by appropriately utilizing the resources available to create awareness of employer related financial literacy issues.
  • Preparing articles for publication in The Journal Entry.


Time Commitment: Varies, the committee teaches one four week course every quarter. Classes are an hour long. Materials are provided by the UACPA.


Leadership & Nominating Committee

Provides the Executive Board with well-qualified nominees for UACPA elected offices in order to ensure a good representational balance for Association leadership. Volunteers also examine the leadership needs for incoming elected position and find the best qualified leader to deal with the professional issues the UACPA will be facing.

Note: Volunteers must be nominated by the committee chair. At least five members of the committee must be members at large.

Time Commitment:

  • Two to three meetings to nominate members and submit to the Executive Board


Non-Profit Committee

  • To examine the emerging issues of not-for-profit entities, assess the needs of practicing and consulting members and not-for-profit entities and recommend activities appropriate to meet those needs.
  • Shall include practicing and non-practicing members who are involved with non-profit clients or organizations and are familiar with the needs and concerns of this type of entity.
  • Prepare articles for publication in The Journal Entry.


Time commitment:

  • Five 1-hour conference calls
  • Optional: attend the conference (free)
  • Preparation of Journal Entry article


State & Local Government Conference Task Force

Volunteer members from government and public practice work to develop the curriculum and identify quality presenters for a one-day conference held annually in May. The primary objective is to provide timely sessions that improve/update the technical skills of CPA members in auditing, accounting, and ethical standards within governmental units and to provide educational materials and technical assistance in accounting and auditing matters.


Time commitment:

  • Five 1-hour conference calls
  • Optional: attend the conference (free)


Tax Issues Committee

Volunteer members represent the Association in issues related to federal taxation, the Internal Revenue Service, and State Tax Commission. More detail of the responsibilities are listed below:


  • Proactively keep the membership informed of significant tax changes and their implications.
  • Prepare articles for publication in The Journal Entry.
  • Work closely with governmental agencies and make recommendations, where appropriate, through the Executive Board for any appointments to governmental bodies, agencies, boards, etc.
  • In conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer, lobbyist, and Executive Board, review all proposed tax legislation in the state to determine whether the Association should take a position, pro or con, on the proposed bill(s). Members should also monitor the legislative interim committee meetings of the Revenue and Tax Committees.
  • Advise the Association lobbyist of any tax legislation which this committee believes should be initiated or supported by the Association for incorporation into the overall legislative program which will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval.
  • When asked by the Executive Board, shall appoint a knowledgeable member to testify at hearings on proposed tax legislation to implement the Association’s legislative program.
  • Cooperate with other organizations interested in state and federal taxation (Chamber of Commerce, Utah Taxpayer’s Association, etc.)


Time commitment: Varies due to assignments from various commissions


Winter Conference Task Force

Volunteer members plan, promote and deliver a well-balanced, two-day conference with topics that appeal to a wide variety of CPAs in the profession. This is the UACPA’s largest conference of the year.


Time commitment:

  • Five 1-hour conference calls
  • Optional: attend the conference (free)


Golf Tournament Task Force

Volunteer members plan, promote and execute a golf tournament held annually. Volunteers also help secure sponsorships, prizes and teams for the event.

Time commitment:

  • Four 30-minute conference calls between May and September
  • Time spent reaching out to potential sponsors and players


Emerging Professionals

Volunteer members work to plan and execute events for new professionals. The main sub-committees within ProNet Council include:

  • Leadership Academy: This sub-committee plans a 3 ½ day intensive leadership training held every year.
  • New CPA Inauguration: This sub-committee plans a banquet event with a keynote speaker and presentation of awards.
  • Networking: This sub-committee plans events to give new professionals opportunities to get together.
  • Campus Ambassadors: This sub-committee works with campus ambassadors at each university to help students navigate their way to becoming a CPA.

Time commitment:

  • Leadership Academy: 5-10 hours between May and November (meetings, planning etc.)
  • New CPA Inauguration: 10-15 hours between May and September (meetings, planning etc.)
  • Networking: 5-10 hours
  • Campus Ambassadors: 10-15 hours 


To volunteer for any committee or task force, CLICK HERE!

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