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Business Administrator - Provo City School District

The Provo Board of Education is seeking a Business Administrator who has earned at a minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or other related field.

Date Posted

April 29, 2021

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Job Description:

The Provo Board of Education is seeking a Business Administrator who:

Has earned at a minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or other related field.

  • Additional consideration will be given to applicants with a CPA, MBA, or Master’s Degree in Accounting or other related field, or previous experience in school district finance and business;Has or will develop a comprehensive understanding of school finance, district budgets, revenue sources, obligation, services, and programs; Is an even-tempered individual who maintains an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect;
    • Is a good listener and effectively communicates with varied audiences, who is accessible and works collaboratively with others;
    • Is a visionary, creative thinker, decisive and self-confident leader who builds confidence in others;
    • Is a goal setter and long-range planner; and
    • Is able to perform a full range of school district financial and supervisory duties including:
    • Having experience performing complex tasks using spreadsheets, databases, and word processing applications; • Having skills analyzing and interpreting data; and
    • Having a working knowledge of and/or record of sound investment strategies and is bondable.

Subject to the direction of the District Superintendent of Schools, the District Business Administrator shall:

1. Attend all meetings of the Board, keeping an accurate recording of its proceedings, and having custody of the seal and records;

2. Be custodian of all District funds, be responsible and accountable for all money received and disbursed, and keep accurate records of all revenues received and their sources;

3. Countersign with the Board President all warrants and claims against the District as well as other legal documents approved by the Board;

4. Prepare and submit to the Board each month a written financial report, including a detailed list of expenditures;

5. Use uniform budgeting, accounting, and auditing procedures and forms approved by the Utah State Board of Education, which shall be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or auditing standards;

6. Prepare and submit to the Board a detailed annual statement for the period ending June 30 of the revenue and expenditures, including beginning and ending balances;

7. Assist the Superintendent in the preparation and submission of a tentative budget required by law and by the Utah State Board of Education;

8. Ensure that adequate internal controls are in place to safeguard the District’s funds;

9. Partner with District administrators in providing fiscal management support, data analysis, and assistance;

10. Provide general supervision over Accounting, Audit, Accounts Payable, Transportation, Child Nutrition, Facilities, and Inventory;

11. File district, state, and other governmental reports in a timely manner and with accuracy; and

12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Board and/or Superintendent.

May 12, 2021, will be the first applicant screening

• Candidates must submit a formal application that includes the following as a part of your digital portfolio.

• Application available at • A letter of interest • Resume listing professional and job-related experience • Copy of transcripts (does not need to be official) • Three letters of recommendation • Written response for each of the following items:

• What is your personal philosophy of the role of a Business Administrator? • What is your experience and approach for forecasting models? • What will be your responsibility as it relates to supporting and allocating resources to assist in the accomplishment of the District’s mission, vision, and goals?