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Estate Planning Strategies: Advanced Techniques and Tools


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8.00 Credits

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As the field of estate planning continues to evolve, navigating the complexities of a client’s estate issues requires a comprehensive understanding of corporate, estate, trust, and securities law. This course empowers practitioners to enhance their existing estate planning practice by exploring cutting-edge tools and techniques.


Examining the dynamics of estate planning in the contemporary context. Analyzing the implications of the evolving Internal Revenue Code on estate planning strategies. Meeting the requirements for charitable deductions and their tax implications. Utilizing gifts of closely held stock to generate charitable contribution deductions. Identifying scenarios suitable for the application of charitable split-interest trusts. Complying with the requirements and benefits of these trusts. Understanding generation-skipping transfers and their associated tax implications. Learning the computation of generation-skipping transfer tax. Recognizing when life insurance can serve as a valuable estate planning tool. Exploring the advantages and planning techniques of using life insurance trusts. Examining various life insurance options and their distinctive features. Assessing the tax implications surrounding private annuities. Uncovering how life insurance can complement private annuities in estate planning. Understanding the strategic importance of split-interest purchases in effective planning. Delving into the implementation of GRIT, GRAT, GRUT, and QPRT strategies


Moderate experience in estate planning

Designed For

CPAs, EAs, attorneys, finance professionals, financial planners, bankers, and insurance agents


At the end of this course, you will be able to: Identify advanced tools and techniques in the estate planning process, enabling them to deliver more sophisticated and tailored solutions for their clients


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Non-Member Price $375.00

Member Price $325.00