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K2’s Artificial Intelligence For Accounting And Financial Professionals


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Webinar, UT 00000

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4.00 Credits

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Discover the real-world power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and equip yourself with the skills to conquer modern challenges in accounting and finance. In this engaging course, we demystify AI and unveil its practical applications, transforming it from theory into a hands-on tool. Learn the essential AI fundamentals and unlock its remarkable potential to boost your productivity and effectiveness alongside your team.

Explore the specific problem-solving capabilities of AI, tailored to address the unique challenges faced by accounting and financial professionals. Gain expertise in leveraging AI features integrated into everyday applications, including the ubiquitous Excel. Uncover how these features enable you to effortlessly detect fraud, identify potential transaction errors, and elevate your financial operations to new heights. Witness firsthand how AI is reshaping the present and future of your profession, positioning you at the forefront of this revolutionary wave.


• Exploring AI applications in accounting and finance
• Understanding AI features in everyday tools
• Embracing the future: AI’s+F22G22



Designed For

Accounting and financial professionals seeking to learn how to use Artificial Intelligence to work more efficiently and improve business processes


• Recognize essential components of Artificial Intelligence.
• Distinguish AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation.
• Explore practical AI applications in accounting and finance.
• Identify AI features in applications like Excel.
• Evaluate AI's impact on accounting and financial fields.




  • Steve Yoss

Non-Member Price $205.00

Member Price $180.00