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Innovative Forecasting and Budgeting: Moving Beyond the Traditional Techniques


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4.00 Credits

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Did 2020 show us that planning doesn’t work? It might seem that way. But, obviously some organizations survived far better than others due to their ability to handle unexpected change. Forecasting and budgeting are two words that often draw an adverse reaction from many financial professionals; let us help you turn that frown upside down with our innovative approach to planning and budgeting. The pandemic has shown us that our planning process must be far nimbler and allow our organization to shift rapidly. We’ll move beyond the traditional techniques and show you easier ways to complete the process while cutting out the political pitfalls that end up causing a lack of accountability and can be demotivating to the staff. During the seminar we will cover such topics as the sales/income plan, capital equipment planning, the “one-year operating plan” (formerly referred to as a budget), the “monthly operating plan,” cash planning, risk planning, and much more! Join us for this seminar as we help you streamline your forecasting and budgeting processes, which turns into a win-win for the employees and the organization.


Building change into the planning process, Sales/income plan, Intermediate planning, Technology plan, Capital equipment planning, One-year operating plan, Monthly planning, Cash plan, Risk plan


Experience in financial management of a small or midsize company

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


Develop a one-year operating plan (formerly referred to as a budget), Avoid the political pitfalls that often come with the forecasting and budgeting processes and inhibit change, Maximize the usefulness of the forecasts developed for the organization, Perform a financial risk analysis, Perform an EVA analysis (PV, ROI and Modified ROI), Be familiar with the results of the case studies and exercises that reinforce key learning points throughout the course

Non-Member Price $189.00

Member Price $164.00