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Non-GAAP Financial Statement Options: Cash, Modified Cash, and Tax Basis


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4.00 Credits

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For many businesses, preparing financial statements using a special purpose framework may provide an alternative to the complexity of U.S. GAAP. This course will provide you with an overview and hands-on application on preparing financial statements using common special purpose frameworks such as tax basis and cash or modified cash basis financial statements. You will learn the unique measurement and disclosure requirements of various Special Purpose Framework (SPF) options using example financial statements and illustrative disclosures. The course also includes common practice issues encountered when preparing SPF financial statements, including disclosure and reporting requirements. We will also review recent updates to both audit and SSARS standards that impact engagements performed on SPF financial statements.


An introduction to special purpose frameworks, Authoritative and non-authoritative guidance used to prepare SPF financial statements, Common issues in preparing SPF financial statements, Cash basis and modified cash basis financial statements, Income tax basis financial statements, The AICPA’s new special purpose framework - FRF for SMEsTM



Designed For

Practitioners and staff involved with the preparation of cash and tax basis financial statements


Review the limited authoritative and non-authoritative literature covering special purpose frameworks, Learn how to prepare SPF financial statements using the cash, modified cash, and tax basis of accounting, Be aware of SPF accounting and presentation issues, Review the disclosure requirements for SPF financial statements

Non-Member Price $189.00

Member Price $164.00