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Operations Level Internal Control


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4.00 Credits

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Many leaders in business organizations of all sizes view the system of Internal Control almost purely as a protective security measure. A well-designed internal control system can and will drive all entity objectives which includes successful operations. This session uses information gathered from years of creating internal control systems as well as concepts from well-respected authoritative pronouncements and frameworks to illustrate the power of a strong and well supported control system as well as actions that can help establish such a system. Those that work with internal controls who are tasked with developing ways to improve operation level capabilities should strongly consider this session.


This session is taught via the use of real-world examples and case studies. An overview of controls that drive procedures. Considerations for procedural control development. Understanding and controlling risk that arises when organizations change.



Designed For

Accounting and other business professionals that wish to know more about measures that control organization operations.


Once participants have completed this session, they should be able to: List important components and sub-components of an Internal Control System; Explain how the control environment can help or hinder the operation of control measures and help or hinder operational effectiveness; List important steps that an organization can undertake, specifically related to control development that can drive the methodologies of the entity.

Non-Member Price $189.00

Member Price $164.00