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Critical Business Risks - Identifying Your Blind Spots


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8.00 Credits

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Non-Member Price $310.00


Future of finance and other research has continually validated data points that risk management and planning is one of the core skillsets that businesses need to fine tune for business resilience. Risks abound all over and research shows that a comprehensive risk management strategy best positions companies to be successful. This course will provide a grounding in a variety of key risks which, if on your radar, will help you plan for those which might impact your business in unpredictable ways.


Digitalization of society, Public distrust in business, Trade tensions, The impact of transitioning towards the circular economy, Economic and social inequalities, The changing regulatory environment.


Previous financial management experience

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and VPs of finance, risk management professionals and CPA/CGMA business advisers


When you complete this course you will be able to do the following: Recognize the transformative nature of a variety of key business risks. Identify the impact that these key business risks may have on business. Recall important topics and conversations to be discussed regarding these key risks as they relate to business.

Non-Member Price $310.00

Member Price $260.00