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K2's Working Remotely - The New Normal


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4.00 Credits

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Many team members now work remotely, whether by choice or necessity. As a result, questions abound about remote access to desktops and data, security, communications, collaboration, and other considerations in this new normal. When implemented correctly, remote work strategies can be a “win-win” for all involved; on the other hand, failed implementations may lead to inefficiencies, security issues, and dissatisfied team members.

In this session, you will learn today’s best practices for working remotely. Specifically, you will learn about various remote access tools, communication and collaboration options, and security best practices. You will also learn about managing and monitoring workflows in remote work environments and tools you can use for that purpose. After completing this session, you can implement a remote work strategy that yields efficiency, security, and satisfaction to all involved.


• Key technologies that facilitate remote work options • Cybersecurity issues impacting remote work environments • How to communicate and collaborate when working remotely


Fundamental knowledge of computer applications

Designed For

CPAs and other business professionals who are seeking the best ways to implement remote work and work-from-home strategies


• Differentiate between options for remotely accessing your computer, applications, and data • Identify recommended security practices for remote access and related tools and services • List examples of Cloud-based services and suites that can contribute to working remotely • Distinguish between communication and collaboration tools for remote workers



Non-Member Price $205.00

Member Price $180.00