K2’s Everything Google! Their Most Effective Tools, Apps, and Services

Wednesday, June 29 12:00pm - 3:30pm

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Webinar, UT 00000

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4.00 Credits

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Google is one of the largest, most widely used and vital technology companies on the planet. Their name has become synonymous with search, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology. Google developed and maintains a wide range of products that have changed how we learn, find things in our community, and communicate with the world. Further, Google offers a business-ready cloud productivity suite used by a growing number of businesses worldwide. Google brings together a wide range of communication and business tools under one roof to serve as the backbone of an organization’s technology infrastructure. 

Most users are familiar with Google’s search service or Gmail but are unaware of the other services they provide. Additionally, most users barely scratch the surface of the functionality of Google’s tools and services. This course looks at the most valuable features, apps, and services of Google that the busy working professional could better utilize. Course participants will learn how to find better web results using search operators and tools. Further, they will understand Workspace and how to use it as an organization’s back office. They will learn how to create dynamic, creative, and useful business documents using Google tools. They will learn how to back up and sync their electronic documents to the Cloud using Google Drive. Finally, they will learn to grow their business and expand their marketing using Google’s marketing and website tools. This session finishes with a top-five list of the best-hidden secrets and functionalities of Google’s Tools. Beginners to advanced users of Google products will leave this course with a much deeper understanding of the services, time-saving tips to use the products more effectively, and practical advice on how to best leverage their incredible technology.



Designed For

CPAs and other business professionals who are interested in improving office production and efficiency


• List the business-focused services and functionalities of Google Workspace and the value they can deliver to an organization
• Use Google Search operators to find better results using Google search 
• Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more using Google technologies
• List examples of  Google mobile apps and how a busy professional would use them on the go
• Demonstrate how to back up, share and sync files using Google Drive
• Implement Google’s marketing and website tools to improve their organization’s web presence and search appearance
• Utilize Google’s various hidden functionalities that can significantly improve productivity




Non-Member Price $195.00

Member Price $170.00