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K2's Building A Cutting-Edge Virtual Office WEBCAST

Wednesday, May 10
9:00am - 1:00pm

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4.00 Credits

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The Internet and mobile technologies have revolutionized the way that businesses operate. We are no longer constrained by having to work in a specific location or during typical business hours. Instead, organizations can now effectively communicate and do business with customers and staff based anywhere in the world. One of the most critical aspects of this changing workplace is the virtual office, which allows a user to work anywhere in the world. This course helps you identify how an organization can improve collaboration, communication, and operations by implementing virtual office technology. We’ll look at solutions to simplify and streamline communications, business process management, going paperless, and more. We’ll also cover the benefits and risks of implementing a virtual workplace and discuss innovative technologies you can use to revolutionize your organization.


Virtual Office, Collaboration Tools, Apps, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365



Designed For

CPAs and other business professionals who are interested in improving office production and efficiency


Upon completing this course, you should be able to: Identify the characteristics of the virtual office and describe how the different components work independently and together, Determine what technology should be implemented into your organization to build your own virtual office, Compare various virtual collaboration tools and determine which tools would be a good fit for your organization, Identify and utilize fantastic new apps, websites, and services to gain efficiency in your personal life and better meet organizational needs, Contrast the benefits and drawbacks of the virtual office and telecommuting, Identify how to implement a unified communications platform using Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or a custom solution



Non-Member Price $183.00

Member Price $158.00