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CFO Series Fine Tune Your Finances WEBCAST

Wednesday, November 2 9:00am - 5:00pm

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8.00 Credits

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Cash Management: Strategies for Long Term Success, 2 Finance credits, Businesses depend on adequate capital and cash flow. While someone else may handle day-to-day cash management procedures, the CFO must take the lead in strategic cash management decisions. When a company goes into a growth mode, boards often replace those who can’t manage cash strategically. This webinar will help you to function at the highest level. We will review strategies on how to plan for your cash needs appropriately. Cash does not manage itself! Cash Management: Day to Day Best Practices, 2 Finance credits, You may not currently manage cash, but cash management skills are likely to affect your future advancement. Poor liquidity can kill organizations or strong liquidity can enable growth. Your skill in managing cash can make you indispensable. This session will discuss cash flow as it relates to receivables, payables, debt, equity, profitability, growth and risk. Profit Improvement: Ten Tips for a Better Bottom Line, 2 Business Management & Organization credits, When a company experiences poor financial performance, the financial person is often the first to go. Whether times are good or bad, asking the tough questions and making sure the organization is efficient and stays efficient are part of the financial manager’s job. Proactive efforts by financial management can prevent the need to “catch up.” This session provides 10 techniques for improving your company’s bottom line. Doing More with Less, 2 Business Management & Organization credits, Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? Running efficient accounting and finance functions is not rocket science, but it does require that you get the simple things right. This session covers issues that you may not have thought about that can deeply affect your financial department’s operations.


We believe that we have “squeezed every penny we can,” and optimized performance, but have we? This event will review some overlooked tactics to increase profitability and improve cash management.


Some management experience is helpful.

Designed For

This series is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers. We target the discussions to people in medium-sized organizations.


Learn strategies for long term success with cash management. Understand the issues involved with effectively managing cash. Discover ten ways to improve your organization’s bottom line. : Learn ways to do more with less.



Non-Member Price $309.00

Member Price $259.00