Cyber Risk and Security for the Financial Sector - Tech Talk

Tuesday, May 18 12:00pm - 1:00pm

(Check-In 11:45am)

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From market changes to reputation damage, the financial sectors have a lot to worry about. However, those concerns pale in comparison to cybersecurity issues. Last year, according to a report by IntSights, banks and financial organizations were the target of 25.7% of all malware attacks. This was more than any of the 27 other industries the report tracked. With the prevalence of cyber-threats in this sector, it’s no wonder regulation was needed to help curb the attacks.


While cybersecurity is the main issue that should have your attention, what types of threats do you need to be aware of: We will hear from Special Agent Michael Pickett from the FBI to learn more about cybersecurity trends, threat vectors and real-world examples that impact our industry

Non-Member Price $30.00

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