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Utah CPA Licensure

Obtaining and maintaining your CPA license is no easy task and you may have questions along the way. These sections will help you navigate through the licensure process and beyond.

CPA Exam Candidates

If you are new to the profession, that is, never held a CPA license in Utah or any other jurisdiction, this section is for you. 

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Utah CPAs & CPA Firms

If you currently hold a Utah CPA certificate, this section has answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about maintaining your license.

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Out of State CPAs

If you hold a CPA certificate from another jurisdiction and want to know what it takes to obtain a Utah CPA license, this section is where you will find those answers.

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CPA Mobility

The CPA profession across the nation has been working to pass a CPA Mobility law in every state. Find out why that's important to you and how it may affect your license and your ability to serve out of state clients.

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Utah Law and Rules Exam

AICPA Ethics Exam

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